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2018-2019 Catalog


Click here to view or download the 2018-2019 Season Catalog!


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Business Hours
School Year Hours: 

Front Office:

Monday-Thursday, 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Friday-Saturday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Business Office:

Monday-Thursday, 9:30am - 6:00pm

Saturday, 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Summer Hours: 

Front Office:

Monday-Thursday, 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Business Office:

Monday-Thursday, 9:30 am - 6:00 pm

Friday, 8:30 am - 1:30 pm

Registration Information

Register early to ensure more options of available lesson times and classes. Mailed registrations for Classes and Ensembles must be postmarked no later than September 1, 2018. After September 1, please refer to the Walk-in Registration times.


For Individual Lessons

New students must register by appointment only. Prospective students/families meet with a member of the Dean staff to go over student interests and preferences in order to match the student with the appropriate teacher. For best selection of lesson times, make your appointment early by calling (585) 454-4596. Registration appointments are also available on a first-come, first-served basis during our open registration or “Walk-in” Registration days (see description below).


For Classes and Ensembles

Simply complete and return the school year Registration Form.  Registration for classes can also be done with our online registration system. see the box on the right of this page. A minimum enrollment is required for all classes. 


Walk-in Registration Dates

For your convenience, Walk-In Registration dates are typically offered from May through September during peak registration times. On these special open-registration days/times, enrolling students have the opportunity to meet with a Dean on a first-come, first-served basis. No prior appointment is required, but students must bring appropriate registration and tuition fees. 



  • Tuesday, August 14: 3:00 - 8:00 pm      
  • Thursday, August 16: 3:00 - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday, August 28: 3:00 - 8:00 pm 
  • Thursday, August 30: 3:00 - 8:00 pm    
  • Tuesday, September 4: 3:00 - 8:00 pm        
  • Wednesday, September 5: 3:00 - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday, September 6: 3:00 - 8:00 pm



Payment: Make checks or money orders payable to Hochstein School. MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express accepted. No cash.


Due with registration form: Appropriate Registration Fee ($10 or $20, maximum of 2 per family).


A class admission slip and School Policies will be e-mailed (or snail-mailed) to you upon receipt of the registration form and applicable fees.


Tuition Assistance/Need-Based Scholarships

Learn more about our Tuition Assistance/Need-Based Scholarship Program by clicking here. To inquire about payment plans and Tuition Assistance, call: Main Office (585) 454-4596


Refunds & Withdrawals

Refunds: Hochstein School reserves the right to cancel any class due to insufficient enrollment. A full refund, including registration fees, will be made to those enrolled in a class canceled by the School. Students will be charged for classes that occur prior to cancellation.


Withdrawals: The Dean's Office must be notified if a student wishes to discontinue lessons or classes at Hochstein. In all cases of student withdrawal, registration fees are non-refundable. Students who must withdraw for verified medical reasons will be charged only for classes through the point of withdrawal. Click here for the Withdrawal Policies.


For Individual Lessons: Refunds are based on the proximity of withdrawal to the first lesson. Please call the Dean's Office at (585) 454-4596 for specific information.


For Classes, Ensembles, and Workshops: Timing of withdrawal and related charges are as follows:

At least two working days prior to the first class of any quarter: NO CHARGE

After two working days prior to the first class of any quarter, and up until the third class of any quarter: CHARGE FOR THREE CLASSES

After the date of the third class of any quarter has occurred: CHARGE FOR THE ENTIRE QUARTER


Online Registration for Classes and Workshops

Click here to go to our online registration system. 

Online registration varies depending on availability of class.
Please Note: This system allows you to register for future classes. If you wish to register for a class already in progress, please call our Main Office at (585) 454-4596.

Please click here to download a PDF of Hochstein's 2017-18 school year calendar and school holiday information.


Click here for a list of key dates in the current calendar year.


Click here for the 2017 Summer Session Calendar and enrollment policies.


Use this link for a PDF with Hochstein's policies (absence, withdrawal, rules & regulations, rescheduled lessons, photography consent). 


Learn more about our Tuition Assistance by clicking here.