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Creative Well-Being with Hochstein

Hochstein’s Expressive Arts Department has been working together to create a new web series, “Creative Well-Being with Hochstein,” to present fun activities, resources, and strategies to keep us all connected and help us to focus on living well, with intention – which is so important during this challenging time.

Subscribe to Hochstein’s YouTube page (https://www.youtube.com/user/hochsteinschool) for new videos as they are posted. We hope you will join us on this journey!

Introduction to Creative Well-Being (1:53)

Expressive Arts Department Chair Jennifer Phillips introduces the series in this YouTube video.



Episode 2: Songwriting (8:20)

Explore your own power of emotional expression, using songwriting as a tool to help you move through difficulty.



Episode 4: Rock & Roll Sing-a-long (6:46)

Sing along with Hochstein music therapist Monica Braun and her accompanist, Bernie, to songs from the 1960s & 70s.



Episode 6: Non-Verbal Communication (5:06)

Art therapist Kevin Markman and his son create a work of art using only non-verbal communication.



Episode 8: Songwriting for Stress Relief (17:40)

Hochstein music therapist Elizabeth Clough shows you how to turn a negative into a positive, using songwriting.



Episode 10: Progressive Muscle Relaxation (11:50)

Hochstein music therapist Elizabeth Clough walks you through a progressive muscle relaxation to music.


Episode 1: What is Creative Well-Being (9:28)

Little things can keep us on track, boost our mood, such as exercise, playing music, creating art, dancing, or meditation.



Episode 3: Found Object Mandalas (4:53)

Ground yourself by creating your own found object mandala with Hochstein art therapist Lisa Sipes.



Episode 5: Movement, Music, Breath, and Pulse (7:24)

Dance movement therapy intern Vanessa Watters leads some simple breathing and movement exercises.



Episode 7: What a Wonderful World (3:18)

Sing and sign along with music therapists Casey Giordano and Jennifer Phillips to “What a Wonderful World.”



Episode 9: Andy Grammer Sing-along (10:35)

Sometimes, you just gotta rock out! Join Hochstein music therapist Monica Braun for an Andy Grammer sing-along.



Episode 11: Rainbow Guided Meditation (7:31)

Join Hochstein music therapist Paige Hargrave as she leads us through a guided meditation using rainbow imagery.