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Hochstein Ensembles Faculty

Hochstein's ensemble program draws from a rich history that started with the original Hochstein String Quartet in the 1920s and has grown into the comprehensive program in existence today. Hochstein's ensemble program includes student orchestras, wind symphonies/bands, vocal ensembles, jazz combos, rock bands, a myriad of chamber and instrument-specific ensembles, as well as Junior and Senior dance ensembles. 

Diane Smith *, Ensembles Coordinator

Large Ensembles
John Fetter (orchestra)
Maryellen Giese (choral)
Shana Kohler (choral)
Marcos Kreutzer (orchestra)
Pia Liptak (orchestra)
Matt Osika (orchestra)
John Rolland (wind band)
Casey Springstead (orchestra)

Chamber Music Connection
Doleen Hood, Chamber Music Connection (CMC) Coordinator
Ben-David Aronson
Paula Rodney-Bobb
Jennifer Carpenter *
Aika Ito *
Ben Jorge

Kathleen Murphy Kemp *
Pia Liptak
Miya Saito-Beckman
Diane Smith * (CMC Woodwind Coordinator)
Jeremy Stoner (CMC Brass Coordinator)
Joseph Werner *
Colleen Wolf   

Small Ensembles

Ben-David Aronson (trombone)
Dave Chisholm (rock)
Richard DeLaney (jazz)
John Delmonico (cello)
Deborah Grohman (clarinet)
Timothy Shannon (guitar)
Julie Smith (flute)
John Wiesenthal (guitar)

* Member, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
** A ROCmusic teaching artist