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Tuition Assistance/Need-Based Scholarship Program

The Hochstein community welcomes students of all ages, proficiency levels, ethnicities, socio-economic levels, and those with disabilities in a barrier-free environment that provides artistic opportunities for all. Hochstein's Tuition Assistance/Need-Based Scholarship Program is just one way that we put the School's mission and values into action!

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Safety Protocols

NOTE: All classes will be conducted in-person - unless noted otherwise - and will be subject to Hochstein’s safety plan. Please review our current procedures before entering our building.

Dance Savings!

Take one dance class at full tuition, get a second (or more) age appropriate class at 50% off! 50% discount applies to the lower tuition fee.

Music moves us.

"I truly appreciate that the dance classes are taught by experts in their field. Their experience and true passion for their craft and educating young children is amazingly apparent."

About Our Offerings

Hochstein's dance program offers a full range of sequential, guided instruction focusing on the joy, and enjoyment, of the art of dance. With an emphasis on nurturing the whole dancer, our professional faculty works with each student to develop confidence and creativity as well as technical proficiency and performance skills.

Hochstein’s dance philosophy is unique to the Rochester community—we believe that performance is part of the education process, but the emphasis is on the educational experience and the joy of dance. We provide excellent instruction in a variety of styles, including ballet study grounded in the Russian Vaganova technique. Students have the opportunity to participate in dance showcases, in the Hochstein Performance Hall, each year.

Choose from a variety of offerings for the dancer of any age. See below for a full listing of dance classes and click on the links in the sidebar to read class descriptions. For more information, please call 585.454.4596.

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For a summary of dance classes and styles in Hochstein's program, please see the grid below.


Mini-Dancers 3-4     4:30-5:05     9:30-10:05
Children's Pre-Modern Dance 4-6   4:30-5:30    4:30-5:30     
Pre-Ballet 5-6     5:15-6:00     10:15-11:00
Ballet I 7-12     6:00-7:00     11:00-12:00
Ballet II 10+                                                                10:30-11:30      
Ballet II/III 13+                                                 5:30-7:00                      
Ballet III/IV 13+        5:30-7:00                                                                
Prep for Pointe, Pointe, Variations 13+                                                 7:15-8:15                      
Barre/Stretch & Strengthen       13+                           5:30-6:30**                                                 
Beginning/Intermediate Ballet 13+        7:15-8:45                                                                
Intermediate Ballet 13+       
Beginning Caribbean-Latin & Modern Fusion 7-10 5:30-6:30          
Children's African Dance 7-12                                                                9:00-10:00      
Children's Modern Dance 7-12                              6:00-7:00                      
Children's Beginning Tap 7-12       6:45-7:45                                                               
Intermediate Caribbean-Latin & Modern Fusion 11-13     5:30-6:30      
      Beginning Rhythm Tap             12+             
       Intermediate Rhythm Tap             12+                6:45-7:45          
Modern Dance 13+   7:15-8:15        
Spanish/Flamenco I & II (begins 2/2/22) 14+     5:30-6:30      
Spanish/Flamenco III & IV (begins 2/2/22) 14+     6:30-7:30      
Moon Reflections (1-Day Yoga 2/19/22) ** 16+           1:00-3:00
The Ten Avatars of Vishnu (1-Day Yoga 3/19/22) ** 16+           1:00-3:00
Yoga Mythology (4th Quarter) ** 16+          1:00-2:00   
Dance for Wellness ** 18+     11:00-12:00      


See sidebar menu for full class descriptions.

Not sure which class to take? Take a trial class! Single dance coupons are available for $18.


** Select classes are being offered ONLINE or your choice of online or in-person.  Check the individual class pages for details.


FEE (for blue areas in grid, above): $10 registration fee; $504* yearly tuition, payable in quarterly installments of $126. Students enrolled in individual lessons at Hochstein qualify for a reduced fee of $7 per class for one Children’s Dance or Music FUNdamentals class ($252 yearly tuition).

FEE (for green areas in grid, above): $10 registration fee; $612* yearly tuition, payable in quarterly installments of $153. For students enrolled in individual lessons at Hochstein, yearly tuition is $468 payable in quarterly installments of $117.

FEE (for purple area in grid, above: $10 registration fee, $153 tuition per 9-week quarter; $117 for students enrolled in individual lessons at Hochstein.

FEE (for teal area in grid): $25 for one-day classes.

The above dance fees as of September 2021.


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