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A History of Unique Contributions to Our Community

Hochstein has a long history of providing excellent, sequential music and dance instruction, based primarily in the classical Western European tradition, and over the years we have gathered a lively, diverse population of musicians and dancers. Notably, over the past two decades we have grown our ensembles program, providing many opportunities for our students to play, sing, and dance together; our music therapy program has expanded significantly. More recently, we have recognized the need to include technology as an instructional resource and have built the Music Lab as a means of providing that resource to our students and faculty.


Our Mission

The mission of The Hochstein School is to provide people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities with access to excellent music and dance education in a community that nurtures and encourages personal achievement.

Our mission, to make this instruction available to anyone interested, regardless of age, level of experience or skill, or ability to pay, makes us unique. We are highly regarded for the expertise and commitment of our faculty and for a nurturing environment and sense of community – significantly delivered through our ensembles program and the many performance opportunities we offer.


Our Values

Excellence: The Hochstein School is committed to the highest quality of music and dance instruction, performance, and overall artistic expression, while tailoring instruction to the individual goals and needs of each student.

Diversity and Accessibility: The Hochstein community welcomes students of all ages, abilities, proficiency levels, ethnicities, and socio-economic levels in an inclusive and accessible environment that provides artistic opportunities for all.

Collaboration: Hochstein plays an active role in the Rochester community by working collaboratively with our community partners, by being good neighbors, and by teaching values that foster responsible citizenship.

Accountability: Hochstein uses the resources entrusted to us in the most effective way possible to ensure the fulfillment of our mission.

Teamwork: Hochstein believes that melding the unique skills, talents, and abilities of our students, faculty, staff, Board, and other stakeholders in a respectful and cooperative environment produces art that excites and inspires. 

A Nurturing Community: The Hochstein culture fosters a sense of community that is a positive, creative, engaging, safe haven in which students are inspired to achieve and grow through supportive relationships with faculty, staff, friends, and colleagues.

Comprehensiveness: The breadth and depth of Hochstein's instructional and performance opportunities help promote a sense of vitality and exploration for students, faculty, staff and the greater community.