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Woodwinds, Brass & Percussion Faculty

The Hochstein Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion Faculty teach students from beginner through advanced.

Diane Smith *, Co-Chair

Jeremy Stoner, Co-Chair



Jeanine M. Beahan (flute)

Nancy Boone-Bahr (saxophone)

Carl Galland (clarinet)

Hannah Gieseke (bagpipes)

Alexandra Hine (flute camp, summer only)

Rita George Simmons (flute)

Deborah Grohman (clarinet) 

Glen Johnson (bagpipes)

Jake Kwiatowski (bagpipes)

Kirsta Rodean (bassoon)

Diane Smith * (flute)

Terry Fonda Smith (oboe)



Ben-David Aronson (trombone, low brass) 

Dave Chisholm (trumpet)

Nate Rawls (trumpet)

Herb Smith (trumpet)

Jeremy Stoner (tuba, euphonium, low brass)

Colleen Wolf (horn)



Richard Felice

Emma Gierszal


* Current or Former Member, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra