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Woodwinds, Brass & Percussion Faculty

The Hochstein Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion Faculty teach students from beginner through advanced.

Diane Smith *, Co-Chair

Jeremy Stoner, Co-Chair



Jeanine M. Beahan (flute)

Nancy Boone-Bahr (saxophone)

Carl Galland (clarinet)

Alexandra Hine (flute camp, summer only)

Rita George Simmons (flute)

Deborah Grohman clarinet) 

Kirsta Rodean (bassoon)

Diane Smith * (flute)

Terry Fonda Smith (oboe)



Ben-David Aronson (trombone, low brass) 

Dave Chisholm (trumpet)

Nate Rawls (trumpet)

Herb Smith (trumpet)

Jeremy Stoner (tuba, euphonium, low brass)

Colleen Wolf (horn)



Richard Felice

Emma Gierszal


* Current or Former Member, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra