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Welcome to Hochstein's Creativity Lab!

Have you always dreamt of writing music, making visual art, or writing stories, but find yourself intimidated by the act of creation? Well, here’s your chance to discover that creativity is a skill that can be cultivated and practiced like any other skill! Hochstein’s Creativity Lab is dedicated to exploring a variety of creative practices and cultivating the next generation of makers and innovators.

Hochstein’s Creativity Lab will offer lessons and workshops focusing on fundamentals like music theory, the basics of drawing, or the essential elements of improvisation. Beyond that, more advanced studies include subjects such as making comic books and graphic novels, composing music in a variety of styles, advanced songwriting/demoing, and advanced jazz improvisation. 

If you are looking to explore a topic not listed here, please reach out and ask. Hochstein also offers Independent Study on a variety of topics. Mastery of one discipline tends to effectively ease open doors into other disciplines. 

Lessons or classes in the Creativity Lab can also give students a much-needed outlet for self-discovery, providing a safe space for students to find their own personal means of healthy expression. 

                                                - Dr. Dave Chisholm, Director

Creativity Lab Open Hours

Tuesdays, 4:00-6:00 pm
Saturdays, 9:30-10:30 am

Drop in and try out the space or discuss your big creative ideas. Additional hours available by appointment – just ask: dave.chisholm@hochstein.org

About the Creativity Lab

Hochstein’s Creativity Lab is outfitted with 8 linked iMac computers with piano keyboards, plus the teacher station. On the computers, students will be able to access music notation and digital audio workstation applications that easily adapt to just about every genre of music. 

Throughout the school year, Dave Chisholm will host monthly Saturday afternoon pop-up events, ranging from easy group creativity challenges to fun, pop-culture-centric lectures. 

Short-run workshops – one or two sessions max – offer another opportunity to explore your creativity on a specific topic.

There are also open lab hours where you can drop in and try out the space or discuss your big creative ideas with Dave.

See the schedule of pop-up events and workshops below. For more information about our year-round Music Theory classes, click here.

Saturday Creativity Lab Pop-Ups

Ages 12 to adult
Free, no registration fee.

Note: Space is limited as noted for each class. To sign up, stop by the Front Office to be added to the list, or call 585.454.4596. Register early - and we will create a waitlist if needed.


Pop-Up 7: Guided Listening with Dave: OK Computer by Radiohead

A favorite offering reprised!

Saturday, June 1, 2024; 1:00-2:30 pm; free
Limit: 8

No fee, but advanced sign-up required.
To sign up, call 585.454.4596 or stop by the Hochstein Front Office to be added to the list.

Join Creativity Lab Director Dave Chisholm for a 90-minute guided listen through one of the greatest and most ambitious rock albums of all time, OK Computer by Radiohead. Through the session, Dave will uncover the musical ideas woven through the album, illuminate the underlying themes in the lyrics, and demonstrate how Radiohead ties it all together. If this is one of your favorite albums, you won’t want to miss this – and if you’ve never heard it before, prepare to have your mind expanded! Open to musicians and non-musicians. 

This class is more geared toward adults.

Creativity Lab Workshops

Ages 12 to adult
$30 for each workshop, no registration fee.

Note: Each offering is limited to 8 people max. So register early - and we will create a waitlist if needed. For more information, call 585.454.4596.