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Quick Facts


  • In 2015-16, Hochstein served 3,950 individuals in our music, dance, and music therapy programs: 2,400 in music and dance, 850 in music therapy, and 700 in music and dance programs through various schools and community centers in our area.


  • 120+ professional instructors serve on Hochstein’s faculty.


  • In 2015-16, we helped approximately 1,385 individuals to participate in our music, dance, and music therapy programs through our tuition assistance program. Hochstein annually awards between $265,000 and $340,000 in need-based scholarships.


  • Thousands of audience members attended Live from Hochstein (or listened to the concerts on WXXI-FM), Spotlight on Faculty, and our students’ solo recitals, ensemble concerts, and dance and music therapy department recitals. And more than 100,000 audience members attend Hochstein or rental events in the Performance Hall each year.

General FAQs

Q: At what age can one start music and dance lessons at Hochstein?

A: Each division of Hochstein’s Music & Dance Department has developed minimum age recommendations based primarily on a child’s physical development and ability to attend. For a complete listing of age and grade requirements, see our Individual Instruction page.


Q: Where is Hochstein located?

A: In Rochester: From the East, take Exit 14 from I-490W, "Broad St/Plymouth Ave". Follow signs for "Plymouth Ave" by turning right on Spring Street. Continue 400 ft. to light. Turn left on Plymouth Ave. and cross Main Street. Hochstein is on your right. From the West, take Exit 13 from I-490E, "Inner Loop to Downtown/Plymouth Ave". As ramp exit splits, take right fork. Turn right on Plymouth Ave. Hochstein is one block south on your left. 50 N. Plymouth Ave., Rochester, NY 14614. View map.


Q: Where is the Downtown United Presbyterian Church located?

A: A number of Hochstein’s programs meet at the nearby Downtown United Presbyterian Church, which is located on North Fitzhugh Street just beyond the intersection of Church and Fitzhugh in Downtown Rochester. 121 Fitzhugh St. N., Rochester, NY 14614


Q: Where can one park near Hochstein?

A: Although Hochstein does not have a dedicated parking lot for student use, there are many options nearby. Please see Parking Near Hochstein.




Q: When are my tuition payments due?

A: Payments are due either quarterly or semi-quarterly. If on a quarterly plan, payments are due four times per year at the beginning of each nine-week quarter. If on a semi-quarterly plan, payments are due eight times per year at the beginning and middle of each nine-week quarter. Payment due dates are noted in our Academic Calendar. For your convenience, payments can be made in person, called in, mailed in, or made on-line through our ActiveNet payment site at https://apm.activecommunities.com/hochsteinschoolofmusic.  If you don't already have an on-line account and want to set up one (or you've created an on-line account that needs to be linked to the account in Hochstein's registration system), feel free to e-mail your request to hochsteinONLINE@hochstein.orgTuition payments charged automatically to VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and AmEx, or other special payment options, may be arranged with the Business Office. Please call 585-454-4596, ext. 17 for more information, or e-mail bruce.aldridge@hochstein.org.


Q: Is tuition assistance available? If so, how do I qualify?

A: Tuition assistance is available to those who qualify based on household income. Those applying for tuition assistance must submit verification of household income and a completed tuition assistance form prior to the registration appointment. Click here to learn more about tuition assistance.


Q: Does Hochstein send tuition payment reminders?

A: Payment reminders are sent out by e-mail about two weeks before the quarterly/semi-quarterly payment due-date, and account information is available via our ActiveNet on-line customer payment site, https://apm.activecommunities.com/hochsteinschoolofmusic.  If you don't already have an on-line account and want to set up one (or created an on-line account that needs to be linked to the account in Hochstein's registration system), feel free to e-mail your request to hochsteinONLINE@hochstein.org.  If you prefer to be mailed a paper statement, please call 585-454-4596, ext. 17 or e-mail bruce.aldridge@hochstein.org. Late fees will be assessed on any account that is past due.


Q: What forms of payment will Hochstein accept?

A: Hochstein accepts checks, money orders or VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and AmEx. The School does not accept cash.


Q: When is the Business Office open?

A: For your convenience, the Hochstein Business Office is open Monday-Thursday from 9:30 am-6:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am-2:00 pm. Please note these hours are subject to change during the summer session, school breaks, and holidays.




Q: Why do I have to make a registration appointment?

A: New students taking individual music lessons are introduced to Hochstein through an orientation appointment with a member of our Deans’ Office. This is done so that we can explore your goals and expectations while you learn more about the philosophy and programs of the School. Based on this meeting, we can match each student with an appropriate instructor. Returning students taking individual lessons are provided with self-registration information and forms, or can register by telephone appointment. Students enrolling in group lessons, classes, dance and/or ensembles (that do not require an audition) can do so by mail, phone, or fax.


Q: Do we receive report cards?

A: All students receive progress reports in February and June which are distributed to students by their instructors.


Q: Are there performance opportunities?

A: Students are encouraged to take advantage of Hochstein’s many performance opportunities, which range from our in-house recitals and concerts to community performances at Eastview Mall, Barnes & Noble, and a variety of museums, senior centers, and nursing homes, among others.


Q: Does Hochstein award degrees?

A: While Hochstein is not a degree-granting institution, it is one of only 13 Community Schools of the Arts, nationwide, to be accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music. For the serious student, Hochstein offers an Honors Certificate Program. Entrance to this program is gained by audition, and those completing the requirements are well prepared to continue their music education at any of the country’s finest conservatories.


Q: What happens if I cancel or miss a lesson?

A: You are responsible for the cost of any missed or canceled lessons. Though not required to, your instructor may agree to schedule a make-up lesson. 


Q: What happens if my teacher or the school cancels my lesson?

A: In many cases, your teacher will schedule a make-up lesson at an alternate time. If your teacher is unable to schedule a make-up with you, you will receive full credit for the lesson canceled.


Q: What is the policy regarding withdrawals and refunds?

A: In order to withdraw from a class or discontinue lessons, the student must notify a member of the Deans” Office. In all cases of student withdrawal, registration fees are non-refundable, and tuition fees are calculated based on proximity of withdrawal to the first lesson or class. For more information call (585) 454-4596 or see Refunds and Withdrawals. Hochstein reserves the right to cancel any class due to insufficient enrollment. If this is the case, a full refund, including registration fee, is made.