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Summer at Hochstein

Summer Reimagined!

We’re creating exciting online content for our summer camps, classes, and workshops. Online individual lessons continue, and our Worry-Free Enrollment Plan will be available all summer long.
Details here.

2020 Summer Dance at Hochstein

Hochstein’s dance philosophy places emphasis on the educational experience and the joy of dance. The program offers a full range of sequential, guided instruction, and students are instructed in proper technique and are grounded in a strong technical foundation. With an emphasis on nurturing the whole dancer, our professional faculty works with each student to develop confidence and creativity as well as technical and performance skills. 

Hochstein’s unique program offers each student the ability to expand their training with a full range of dance genres. From Ballet to Modern, Tap to Flamenco, there is something for everyone to dip his or her toes into at Hochstein! 

See below for the full listing of classes and use the links in the navigation menu for more detailed class descriptions. 

You can also click the link in the sidebar menu to download a PDF version of the full summer catalog.

Not sure which class to take? Take a trial class. Single dance coupons are available for $18.

For more information, please call 585.454.4596.

Register for Summer Now!


Click here to download and print a registration form.

For more information, call 585-454-4596.

Click here for the 2020 Summer Session Calendar and enrollment policies.

Summer lesson appointments begin on April 1, 2020.

Worry-free Summer Enrollment

Online instruction with Hochstein is easy! In order to get started, you will need the following:

  • A tablet, laptop, desktop, smartphone, or other electronic device with a camera and a microphone
  • Reliable internet connection in your home; WiFi or an ethernet connection are recommended as they are faster than cellphone service
  • Your instrument of choice – voice included!

Once you are registered, your instructor will work with you to determine the best online platform. Currently, Hochstein instructors are using Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Discord, and Facetime.

Summer Dance Classes At a Glance

Mini-Dancers - ONLINE 3-4 Tue 4:15-5:00 & Wed 5:15-6:00
Pre-Ballet - ONLINE 5-6 Tue 5:15-6:00 & Wed 4:15-5:00
Ballet IA - ONLINE 7-9 Tue 6:00-7:00
Ballet IB/IIA - ONLINE 7-12 Tue 5:30-6:30
Ballet III/IV - ONLINE 13+* Mon 5:30-7:00
Modified Pointe - ONLINE 13+* Thu 7:00-8:00
Barre/Stretch & Strengthen - ONLINE 13 to Adult Tue 6:45-7:45
Intermediate Ballet - ONLINE 13 to Adult Thu 5:30-7:00
Children's Pre-Jazz & Jazz Combined - ONLINE 5-10 Wed 6:00-7:00
Beginning Caribbean/Latin - ONLINE 7-11 Mon 5:30-6:30
Intermediate Latin & Modern Fusion - ONLINE 12-15 Thu 6:00-7:00
Children's African Dance & Drumming - ONLINE 7-12 Thu 4:00-5:00
Tap Skill Drills Level I - ONLINE 7 to Adult Mon 6:00-7:00
Tap Skill Drills Level II - ONLINE 7 to Adult Mon 7:00-8:00

*younger students may enroll for these classes with the teacher's permission

See sidebar menu for full class descriptions.

Fee (for blue areas in grid, above): $10 registration fee; $84* tuition. $42 if enrolled in individual lessons at Hochstein during summer session (only one dance class or FUNdamentals class qualifies for discounted class rate). 

Fee (for green areas in grid, above): $10 registration fee; $102* tuition; $78 for students enrolled in individual lessons at Hochstein during summer session. 

Special Dance Savings: Take one Ballet or Dance Styles class at full tuition, get a second (or more) Ballet or Dance Styles class at 50% off! 50% discount applies to the lower tuition fee.

Learn more about our Tuition Assistance by clicking here. (Fees are as of Summer 2020.)