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Performance Hall update – acanthus vine mural above stage

August 11, 2022 - This week, artist Brett Swiatek, owner of Swiatek Studios in Buffalo, NY, has been working in the Performance Hall to restore and repaint the acanthus vine mural that is in the ceiling over the stage.

Centuries ago, churches adopted this vine as a symbol because it can grow anywhere, it’s almost impossible to kill, and it continues to flower, grow, and prosper.

Along with this mural work, they have also re-cast approximately 5' of decorative rope trim to replace some that had suffered water damage over the years and will also be touching up any decorative/ornamental plaster with paint.

Brett is the third generation to work in the family business, which specializes in high-quality restoration work for commercial buildings, sacred spaces, museums, theaters, and private residences.








Performance Hall update – plaster repairs, sanding, painting

July 29, 2022 - This week, our intrepid photographer went above the clouds, so to speak, climbing a ladder to document the progress on the repairs to the Performance Hall ceiling. The plywood platform almost looks like a dance floor! The construction team has been making steady progress on the plaster repairs and have started sanding and painting. Hochstein Operations Manager Randy Kemp says the project is right on track.






Performance Hall update – scaffolding in place

July 22, 2022 - Ever stand next to a cloud? Hochstein Operations Manager Randy Kemp did just that, standing next to one of the acoustic “clouds” that was above the stage in the Performance Hall before the renovation work started. Some of the clouds are being stored on the stage, covered with plastic and masonite for protection. The scaffolding is all in place now and the crew is working on identifying areas where plaster needs to be repaired and prepping for that part of the project.




Performance Hall update – clouds on stage

July 18, 2022 - No, these aren’t giant clams on the Performance Hall stage! As part of the current renovation project, the acoustic “clouds” needed to be taken down so the contractors could access the plaster that needs to be repaired in the ceiling above the stage. For reference, see the picture showing the Youth Singers on stage last spring, with the clouds above them.

Hochstein Performance Hall undergoes renovations

July 12, 2022 - In case you noticed the equipment outside Hochstein the past couple of weeks – and the warning signs now outside the Performance Hall – here’s the scoop on what’s going on behind those closed doors.

After the Hochstein Youth Singers concert on June 23 and a weekend of graduation ceremonies in late June, the Performance Hall became a construction zone, hard hats required. The aisle lights were disconnected from all the seats, which were then removed and stored off site. The Hochstein pianos left the building for their summer vacation and workers started loading in and assembling the scaffolding.

The space looks so different without the seats! Removing the seats also revealed two trap doors in the floor on the first level, front center, which in the past would have given access to the space under the floor. 

Once the scaffolding is up in the hall, workers will begin to repair the plaster and paint the ceilings and walls. All of the carpets will be removed and replaced, and they will repair and refinish all of the wood floors, including the stage floor. 

During this time, only authorized personnel are allowed in the Performance Hall. Hazards include the potential for toxic air quality and falling objects, so no peeking allowed! We do not want anyone to risk injury by entering the space.

If all goes according to plan, the renovations will be complete and the hall will be clean and ready for inspection by mid-September. Special thanks to our contractor, DGA Builders, who are working diligently to have the work completed by September!

In the meantime, summer camps that normally have performances in the Performance Hall will take place in the Recital Hall and Dance Studio.

While we are waiting to be able to enter the Performance Hall again, stop by and check out the display case outside the main office showing pictures of the Performance Hall over the years along with some of the building’s history – or view the photos below. (Click on each image for a larger version.)

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