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Welcome to Hochstein's Voice Department! 

We welcome all singers who share our passion and love of the art of singing. Through singing we express our most personal thoughts and emotions. The Voice Faculty at The Hochstein School are here for you - the person who loves to sing! Our highly qualified faculty members have extensive experience in vocal performance and education. Whether you are a beginning or advanced student, we share the journey of every singer and support you in your desire to sing!

The Voice Department at The Hochstein School is proud to provide instruction to singers from diverse musical genres with experience in Classical, Musical Theatre, Contemporary, and Sacred Music.

Instruction in Technique: How does my voice work? Healthy singing technique is essential for singers. Breath control, diction, muscular alignment, jaw position, vowel sounds, all and more, are all part of learning to sing. This is the foundation for all musical styles and we will guide you!

Ear training: Learning to identify pitch, melody, and other basic elements by ear is part of the whole music experience. This will be part of your journey as a singer.

Basic music reading: Music Theory. It’s okay if you don’t read music! We can help you identify what is on the page, so that your skills will be enhanced visually as well as through listening.

Sight reading: For advanced students, the ability to perform music while reading it for the first time. 

Becoming an independent singer: We will work with you to feel confident in your song! Accompanists will be provided when getting ready for performance in a recital. Or, if you are learning harmony or the first time, we will help you learn both by ear and written music.

Readiness for performance: Once the technical pieces of the song are mastered, the meaning behind the song, character development, stage presence, and stage movement all become part of the performance.

Whether you are auditioning, leading a choir, singing in the choir, or performing on stage, this is important work for the performer.


Advanced Instruction:

For high school singers: additional scholarships are available through Merit Scholars Auditions. Also for middle/high school students: The Hochstein Honors Certificate Program provides enhanced musical training for all instruments and voice. This audition-based program requires additional course work in Music Theory and History, annual juries, and a senior recital.


Learn more about our Tuition Assistance by clicking here.

Other Voice Opportunities

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Hochstein Voice Faculty

The voice department at Hochstein offers training for both the beginner and the serious musician.

Riki ConnaughtonChair

Dr. Sandra Boysen Sluberski

Darius "Seiko" Elmore

Jessica James

Elizabeth Lind

Deborah Norin-Kuehn

Gwen Paker

Monica Ramich

More Information

Voice lessons begin at age 12 and are arranged by consultation with the Dean’s Office. Call 585.454.4596 for more information.


Fees for Individual Lessons:
$20 registration fee

$33*, 30-minute lesson
$47*, 45-minute lesson
$59*, 1-hour lesson

(Fees are as of Fall 2023).

Additional Links

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