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"Making these opportunities available to anyone, no matter their station or situation, is what has made me deeply grateful for all they do. My boys love music so much, but with three of them as a single mom there is no way I could fulfill this love of theirs without their help."

Tuition Assistance/Need-Based Scholarships

Para leer más sobre la asistencia para la matrícula y ver la solicitud, consulte el cuadro a la derecha de esta página.


The Hochstein community welcomes students of all ages, abilities, proficiency levels, ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds in an inclusive and accessible environment that provides artistic opportunities for all. Hochstein's Tuition Assistance/Need-Based Scholarship Program is just one way that we put the School's mission and values into action!

Students requiring tuition assistance in order to enroll in any program at Hochstein may apply through the Dean's Office. 


Tuition Assistance/Need-Based Scholarship guidelines are as follows:

  • For children taking individual lessons or group piano, household net income less than $50,000.  (after taxes only; other non-tax deductions are counted as income)

  • For adults taking individual lessons, household net income less than $30,000.  (after taxes only; other non-tax deductions are counted as income)

  • For children and adults taking classes only, household net income less than $30,000.  (after taxes only; other non-tax deductions are counted as income)

  • The above categories are general guidelines, but we realize that each household is different. We encourage you to apply if you feel you have a need - Hochstein does consider households that fall above the income guidelines if extenuating circumstances apply. Please refer to the last page of the application for more information.

  • Please note: As a general rule, Hochstein does not provide assistance for more than one individual lesson per student; exceptions to this policy will require prior approval by the Dean of Students.


Verification of household income and completion of a Tuition Assistance Application is due prior to registration. 


For more information, call Hochstein at 585.454.4596 during office hours.


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The Tuition Assistance/Need-Based Scholarship Program at Hochstein is made possible through individual, foundation, and corporate support. We are grateful to those who believe in our mission and continue to support our work.  Additional assistance designated for minority youth is provided by the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) with the support of Governor Kathy Hochul and the New York State Legislature.

Tuition Assistance/Need-Based Scholarship Application

Download our tuition assistance/need-based scholarship application by clicking the PDF icon below for a form you can print, fill out, and turn in.


Asistencia de Matrícula español / Solicitud de Beca base en la necesidad

Descargue nuestra solicitud de ayuda para la matrícula / beca basada en la necesidad haciendo clic en el ícono de PDF a continuación para obtener un formulario que puede imprimir, completar y entregar en nuestra oficina.