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Schedules and fees are arranged by consultation with the Dean’s Office. Call 585.454.4596 for more information.

Tuition Assistance/Need-Based Scholarship Program

The Hochstein community welcomes students of all ages, abilities, proficiency levels, ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds in an inclusive and accessible environment that provides artistic opportunities for all. Hochstein's Tuition Assistance/Need-Based Scholarship Program is just one way that we put the School's mission and values into action!

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"We really love the instructors and their level of professional and teaching experience as well as their love and support! It is a nurturing creative environment!"

Suzuki Program

Our Suzuki program begins at age 3 years, and is based on the philosophy of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki: that all children are born with a high potential for learning, and given the opportunity and a structured, encouraging environment, any child can learn to play an instrument. Students in the Suzuki program learn to make music using the “mother-tongue” approach, the same way they learn to speak—by listening and imitating. The initial process of learning to play by ear develops muscle memory and also provides the student with a robust foundation for note reading. 

The teacher and parent have equally important roles in the success of each child’s experience with the Suzuki method. By attending all lessons, supervising daily listening, and practicing with the student, the parent is an active participant in the learning process. The teacher, student, and parent form an all-important “triangle” of learning to support the child’s musical growth.


Because parents play such a vital role in the process of learning through the Suzuki method, Hochstein provides guidance and support through periodic parent education classes throughout the school year. Suzuki parent education is a requirement of the program, and is included in the general Suzuki fees.

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The Suzuki Program at Hochstein offers much more than an individual music lesson. Lessons are supplemented by weekly 50-minute group classes which is included in the tuition.  (see here for the group class schedule). It offers children a chance to develop other important aspects of their lives, including self-discipline, memory, focus, self-esteem, and confidence. Hochstein’s Suzuki Program also provides many opportunities for public performance. 

Our Suzuki program continues into the tween years with group classes complementing individual lessons. Note-reading and musical skills continue to be developed during these years, and class levels continue through Suzuki Book 5. As a result, many of our students develop and refine the skills necessary to succeed in our chamber ensemble and orchestral programs. 


Hochstein’s Suzuki faculty have all studied Suzuki Pedagogy and they are passionate about helping students experience the unique Suzuki approach to learning.

To learn more about our Suzuki program, you are welcome to observe lessons and group classes. Contact the main office at 585.454.4596 to make arrangements for an observation time.

If you have in-depth Suzuki Strings questions, contact Marcos Kreutzer, Suzuki Program Coordinator and String Department Co-Chair via email.

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Intro to Suzuki Strings at Hochstein
Watch this video for a sample of The Hochstein School’s Suzuki Strings program, which begins at age 3 and up. Suzuki Program Coordinator Marcos Kreutzer introduces the program and Suzuki instructor Michelle Walker demonstrates some of the fun and educational activities that are part of Suzuki classes at Hochstein, with some of the songs and tunes that are part of the Suzuki repertoire.