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"The Suzuki Program at Hochstein has been a game changer for Joseph. It has filled his childhood with positive experiences, laughter, beautiful music, and a sense of purpose." - Widya M.


An extraordinary musical bonding experience for you and your child

The Suzuki Method, created in the mid-20th century by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, fosters a collaborative learning environment from an early age. This internationally known method uses an approach that resembles how children learn to speak by establishing a unique bond between the parent/caregiver, teacher, and child. When nurtured with love and encouragement, children can truly thrive and embrace their curious and creative minds through the study of music.

The Suzuki Method is unique in that it leans into the heightened learning abilities of children. From the beginning, a child is very aware of their surroundings and can absorb many aspects of life such as language and behaviors, especially when they are demonstrated by a trusted caregiver. By applying this observation, Dr. Suzuki discovered the capacity for children to learn key elements of music at a very early age.

The Suzuki Method involves three participants: the parent/caregiver, the teacher, and the child. Each participant is an equal, active member of the learning process and together form an all-important ’triangle’ of learning - the Suzuki Triangle. 


  • Children can begin Suzuki Strings as early as the age of 3 
  • Hochstein’s Suzuki faculty are trained in Suzuki Pedagogy and Philosophy and are passionate about this unique approach
  • Specific instrument offerings include Violin, Viola, Cello, Harp, and Flute 
  • Individual lessons range between 30 to 60 minutes depending on instructor recommendations
  • Weekly 50-minute group classes (for strings only) are organized by instrument/skill level (harp group classes meet once a month; flute group classes are not available at this time)
  • Individual lessons and group classes complement each other and are equally important 
  • Parents/caregivers receive year-long support from teachers on strategies and techniques for keeping your child engaged (and practicing) between lessons and classes

Please note: the parent/caregiver commitment to attending the lesson and group class is very important. We highly recommend that it is the same parent or caregiver for both the lesson and group class. 

In addition to the joy of music-making, Suzuki can help your child with:

  • Self-discipline, memory, and focus
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Creating a safe creative space
  • Establishing trusted adult relationships  

Hochstein’s Suzuki Program supports each individual from early childhood through pre-teenage years. We offer group classes in addition to individual lessons up to the intermediate and advanced levels depending on each student’s needs. Many of the Suzuki program students develop the refined skills necessary to succeed in Hochstein’s distinctive chamber music and orchestral programs.


Any child who is studying with a Suzuki teacher in the Rochester area and who does not have access to supplemental group classes is welcome to join group classes at Hochstein.

To enroll, there is a $20 registration fee, and a yearly tuition of $540, which can be paid in quarterly installments of $135. Contact the Front Office at 585.454.4596 for more information. (Fees as of Fall 2023.)

Is My Child Ready for Suzuki?

Your child is ready for Suzuki if they:

  • Are potty-trained
  • Remain engaged when you speak with them
  • Follow simple two-step directions
  • Accept when help is given

You, as the parent/caregiver, are ready for Suzuki if you:

  • Can attend all individual lessons and group classes with your child 
  • Are available and willing to help your child practice at home 

If you answered yes to all of the above, you and your child are ready!

Not ready yet? We get it. Success with Suzuki starts with being ready – for both you and your child. Waiting until your child is a little older may be the best option. If this is true, check out Hochstein’s Summer Suzuki Explorations class as a wonderful first step before beginning the Suzuki program.


How to Register

Call 585.454.4596 to enroll and for general information. We are here to set you up for success!

Hochstein welcomes and encourages parent/caregivers of prospective students to observe lessons and group classes before enrolling in the program. Contact us to arrange an observation time.