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Summer Safety Protocols

Everyone entering The Hochstein School needs to follow safety protocols. This includes taking the Hochstein COVID-19 questionnaire (before you enter the building), checking in with a health screener when you arrive, appropriate distancing, and wearing masks – when applicable.

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Sign Up for Summer


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Enrollment for individual lessons this summer begins on April 5, 2021.

For more information, call 585-454-4596.



Permission of community teacher required
Ages 3+

Designed for children studying with a Rochester-area Suzuki teacher who does not offer a supplemental group class. Students meet weekly for a 50-minute class where they experience the joy of playing together and for one another. Classes are specific to age and Suzuki book level, and students enjoy the benefits of the social aspect of music while they work together on the common body of musical works in the Suzuki repertoire. Group classes are offered on Tuesday afternoons and evenings during the summer. See below or call 585.454.4596 for the group class schedule.

Fee: $10 registration fee; $72* tuition. (Fees are as of Summer 2021.)

Summer Suzuki Strings

A comprehensive program of study based on Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s philosophy that all children are born with a high potential for learning and, given the opportunity and a structured, encouraging environment, any child can learn to play an instrument. Students in the Suzuki program learn to make music using the “mother-tongue” approach (the same way they learn to speak) by listening and imitating. 

The teacher and parent have equally important roles in the success of each child’s experience with the Suzuki method. By attending all lessons, supervising daily listening, and practicing with the student, the parent is an active participant in the learning process. The teacher, student, and parent form an all-important “triangle” of learning to support the child’s musical growth.


NOTE: Individual Suzuki lessons may be conducted in-person per Hochstein’s reopening plan; however, some Suzuki group classes will continue to take place online. To find out more about the technical requirements for online instruction, click here.



Ages 3+

The Suzuki Strings program includes instrumental study of violin, viola, and cello with teachers who have been specially trained in the Suzuki Method. Individual instruction is provided in 30, 45, and 60-minute sessions and is supplemented by a weekly, 50-minute group class. Hochstein welcomes and encourages parents of prospective students to observe lessons and group classes before enrolling in the program. 

Please call 585.454.4596 to request a detailed Suzuki Brochure and a class schedule.

Fee: $10 registration fee; $34* fee per half-hour, $46.50 - 45 minute, and $58 - 1 hour lesson (includes the group class). Schedules and fees are arranged by appointment with the Dean’s Office. With enrollment in Suzuki Strings, families pay reduced fees for one Music FUNdamentals or Children’s Dance class. (Fees are as of Summer 2021.)


* Learn more about our Tuition Assistance by clicking here.


Suzuki Strings 101 - Group Class


For beginning violin, viola, and cello students and their parent(s)

Because parents play such a vital role in the Suzuki learning method, Suzuki parent education is a requirement of the program and is included as part of the Suzuki Strings fee. Suzuki 101 is a supplemental group class for 3-5-year-old beginners and their parents, taken in conjunction with individual Suzuki lessons. Students and parents learn ways to integrate the instrument-learning process into family life with an emphasis on the Suzuki philosophy, instrument care, and understanding and internalizing the Twinkle rhythms through a variety of musical games and movements. Students and parents in Suzuki Strings 101 transition to Pre-Twinkle classes in the fall. Parents will need a full-size instrument to assist in learning the basic techniques, while their children begin on a “box” instrument.


Summer Suzuki Strings Group Class Schedule

Class Day/Time Location

Suzuki 101/Pre-Twinkles

Tues., 5:30 pm (Walker)

Orff 2

Suzuki Twinkles

Tues., 5:30 pm (Kreutzer)

Orff 1

Book I/II

Tues.., 5:30 pm (Tarantelli)


CELLO: No group classes 

Schedule updated 4/23/21.