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Suzuki lessons and group classes are arranged by consultation with the Dean’s Office. Call 585.454.4596 for more information.

Suzuki Parent Education

Because parents play such a vital role in the process of learning through the Suzuki method, Hochstein provides guidance and support through periodic parent education classes throughout the school year. Suzuki parent education is a requirement of the program, and is included in the general Suzuki fees. 

Summer Suzuki Strings

The Suzuki Method, created in the mid-20th century by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, fosters a collaborative learning environment from an early age. This internationally known method uses an approach that resembles how children learn to speak by establishing a unique bond between the parent/caregiver, teacher, and child. When nurtured with love and encouragement, children can truly thrive and embrace their curious and creative minds through the study of music.

The Suzuki Method is unique in that it leans into the heightened learning abilities of children. From the beginning, a child is very aware of their surroundings and can absorb many aspects of life such as language and behaviors, especially when they are demonstrated by a trusted caregiver. By applying this observation, Dr. Suzuki discovered the capacity for children to learn key elements of music at a very early age.

The Suzuki Method involves three participants: the parent/caregiver, the teacher, and the child. Each participant is an equal, active member of the learning process and together form an all-important ’triangle’ of learning - the Suzuki Triangle. 

To find more detailed information about Hochstein's Suzuki Program, we invite you to visit our school year Suzuki page.


Suzuki Violin, Viola, and Cello

Ages 3+

Hochstein Suzuki Strings is a program centered on the instrumental study of violin, viola, and cello for children ages three and older with a teacher trained in the Suzuki Method. Individual weekly lessons start at 30 minutes and include a weekly 50-minute group class as part of the tuition. Group classes are also a key part of the Suzuki program.uzuki Method. Individual instruction is provided in 30, 45, and 60-minute sessions and is supplemented by a weekly, 50-minute group class. 

NOTE: New Summer 2024 beginners will take Summer Suzuki Explorations (see below) as their group class offering. Parents of prospective students who aren’t sure about which instrument they’d like their children to take are also encouraged to take Summer Suzuki Explorations to learn more about the program. 

Call 585.454.4596 to enroll and for general information.

Fee: $20 registration fee; $37* fee per half-hour, $51* - 45 minute, and $63* - 1 hour lesson (includes the group class). Schedules and fees are arranged by appointment with the Dean’s Office. With enrollment in Suzuki Strings, families pay reduced fees for one Music FUNdamentals or Children’s Dance class. (Fees are as of Summer 2024.)

Summer Suzuki Explorations

Tuesdays, July 9-August 13, 2024, 5:00-5:50 pm
For beginning violin, viola, and cello students and their parents, as well as students/parents exploring Suzuki lessons

Join us in this special offering for new Suzuki lesson students and their parents, as well as those families looking to explore the Suzuki approach before choosing an instrument and beginning lesson study. Participants will sing and move to music as they learn basic skills necessary for playing individually and together with others.

Students will also explore the various instruments available to Suzuki instruction at Hochstein and develop fine motor skills necessary for instrument study.

Parents will learn about the Suzuki philosophy and the all-important parent-teacher-student triangle and develop strategies for working with their child at home.

NOTE: Students who take this 6-week summer offering will move on to individual lessons and the Suzuki 101/Pre-Twinkles class in the fall.

FEE: For Suzuki Lesson Students: Included in $37-per-week 30-minute lesson fee. For non-lesson students: $20 registration fee; $90* tuition. (Fees are as of Summer 2024.)

* Learn more about our Tuition Assistance by clicking here.

Summer Suzuki Strings Group Class Schedule


Class Day/Time Location

Summer Suzuki Explorations
All ages

Tues., 5:00 pm (Walker)



Tues., 6:00 pm (Walker)



Tues., 5:30 pm (Kreutzer)

Orff 1

Book I

Tues., 5:30 pm (Tarantelli)

Room 19


Tues., 6:30 pm (Kreutzer)

Orff 1

No classes other than Summer Suzuki Explorations

Class Day/Time Location

Summer Suzuki Explorations
All ages

Tues., 5:00 pm (Walker)



Schedules updated 4/4/24.



Suzuki Strings Group Classes for Community Participants

Permission of community teacher required
Ages 3+

Designed for children studying with a Rochester-area Suzuki teacher who does not offer a supplemental group class. Students meet weekly for a 50-minute class where they experience the joy of playing together and for one another. Classes are specific to age and Suzuki book level, and students enjoy the benefits of the social aspect of music while they work together on the common body of musical works in the Suzuki repertoire. Group classes are offered on Tuesday evenings, 5:30-6:20 pm, during the summer. Call 585.454.4596 for more information.

Fee: $20 registration fee; $90* tuition. (Fees are as of Summer 2024.)