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Hochstein's COVID Safety Information


July 1, 2021

A message from Dr. Margaret (Peggy) Quackenbush - President & Executive Director: 


Hello everyone, 

Thank you all for your cooperation with our COVID policies over the past year. We are proud that we have been able to provide safe, in-person instruction for many of our activities, and are ever-grateful for those who have stuck it out with online instruction for 16 months! As we move into the summer session, some of our COVID policies will be relaxed while others will remain in place.

In an ongoing effort to keep our youngest students as safe as possible, our masking and distancing policies will remain largely in place. However, if you are fully vaccinated and wish to opt out of the mask mandate, you may present your original vaccination card or your NYS Excelsior Pass to the health screener when you enter the building. If you wish, the screener can take note of your verification so that you don't need to show proof every time you enter the building; they will NOT be keeping any record of personal health information, such as date of vaccination, vaccine type, etc. Please note that unless your vaccination status is on file OR you show your card/pass upon entry on each visit, you must adhere to policies for unvaccinated people. 


Thank you in advance for your continued cooperation and flexibility! 




Some other masking guidelines:

  • Teachers will be wearing masks when teaching unvaccinated students.
  • You may request that your teacher wear a mask regardless of their vaccination status.
  • Unvaccinated woodwind and brass students should wear playing masks for the duration of their lesson. Ask your teacher for more information if you are unsure what type of mask is appropriate for your instrument; disposable masks can usually be adapted for this purpose.
  • If a vaccinated woodwind, brass, or voice teacher deems it necessary in order to work on a musical technique, the teacher may allow an unvaccinated student to play unmasked for a small portion of a lesson. If you are a parent/guardian of a minor and are uncomfortable with this practice, please indicate that to your child’s teacher.
  • Please note that ALL woodwind, brass, and voice instruction has been intentionally scheduled in studios with windows that open.
  • Masks and distancing are still required for audience members in the Performance Hall regardless of vaccination status. 


Other notable policies for summer: 

  • We are no longer doing temperature checks upon entry.
  • Health screening questions are still required for everyone entering the building, regardless of vaccination status. 
  • All teaching studios have been outfitted with openable windows and fans, OR with air purifiers.
  • Furniture has been returned to the hallways and lounge areas in our building; please remember to practice social distancing if you are unvaccinated.


We look forward to seeing you this summer,

The Hochstein Team


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