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Low Brass Fabrizio Scholarship

May 2023 ...


Dear Music Educator:


I am honored to announce that a $300 tuition scholarship* opportunity is again being offered at The Hochstein School for 2023/24 in memory of a Hochstein student, Christopher Thomas Fabrizio-Coonan, made possible by his family and friends.


The scholarship supports individual lessons at Hochstein for a 7th or 8th grade trombone or low brass student who excels in their musical activities and who is not already receiving individual lessons. The lesson instructor will be a member of Hochstein’s low brass faculty, whose experience and credentials are described in the attached document.


To nominate a student from your school for this scholarship, please see below for our form to apply online or download the attached document to print and mail. The application deadline is June 9, 2023. 


We expect to choose a recipient by June 14. Weekly lessons will take place starting September 2023 for a 9-week period. (A September start date is preferred, but we can be flexible regarding the start date if necessary.) We ask that all applicants commit to completing the 9 weeks of lessons covered by the scholarship award.


We welcome and encourage any student who is not selected to receive the scholarship, but is interested in taking lessons, to consider enrolling at Hochstein within our regular offerings. Please note that sliding scale tuition fees are based on family income, and we strive to make it possible for any student to participate, regardless of age, experience, or financial resources.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail at director@hochstein.org. Thank you for your consideration of this opportunity, and for all your efforts on behalf of your students!



Hilary Respass
President & Executive Director


*This scholarship covers full tuition for 9 weeks of instruction, excluding the registration fee