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Photos above: David Hochstein, circa around 1917; David and his Mother, circa 1900; Streetcar moving up Plymouth Ave in front of what is now our building, circa 1939; David in France, circa 1918.

David Hochstein in Uniform

Hochstein's 100th in the Media

Wednesday, April 8, 2020
WXXI Classical 91.5 FM

Hour-long documentary by Mona Seghatoleslami with stories and music that connect Hochstein to the history of our city over the past century. 

Click here to listen to the whole show online


Wednesday, April 1, 2020
City Newspaper

Feature story by Mona Seghatoleslami with a timeline of important moments in The Hochstein School's history over the past 100 years, plus many photos from the Hochstein archives.

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Hochstein celebrated 100 years in 2020 ...


Founded to commemorate the genius of the late David Hochstein, the David Hochstein Music School Settlement (now known as The Hochstein School) opened on January 2, 1920, in the Hochstein family home on Joseph Avenue, with 250 students on its roster. During the last 100 years, our physical building has moved several times and the school has grown to more than 3,000 students annually! 


Did you know that HOCHSTEIN IS the ONLY SCHOOL OF ITS KIND in the United States?

Because of our offerings – extensive and varied music and dance programs; large and small ensembles; classes specifically for adult learners; therapeutic arts in music, dance, and art – we serve all ages, beginning at 6 months, and consistently deliver an educational experience that cannot be found at any other community arts institution.



From its earliest days, Hochstein has been an open window to knowledge and self-expression, offering lessons and classes to all – regardless of age, skill level, ethnicity, or ability to pay – growing its diverse community to thousands of students each year, many of whom are supported by a robust tuition assistance program.



Hochstein students have opportunities to perform in individual recitals, orchestras, bands, choirs, chamber groups, rock bands, jazz bands, dance showcases, and more! Our Performance and Recital Halls are home to student concerts and faculty performances throughout the year. Along with live radio broadcasts and rental events – many of them free to our students and their families – Hochstein buzzes with music and dance. Whether on or off the stage, at lessons or classes, or as an audience member, Hochstein students and their families have daily options for cultural immersion!


We believe that the ARTS CAN CHANGE LIVES.

At Hochstein, we have the capacity to transform lives, thanks to our dedicated faculty – experienced professionals in their field with a passion for teaching. Helping each of our students achieve personal success is our goal. We believe music nurtures, enriches, and energizes every human life – holding the key to creating a better world.


We believe in COMMUNITY.

100 years ago, the Rochester community, saddened by the untimely death of David Hochstein, came together and formed our school. Because of their commitment, along with a century of support, Hochstein celebrates our "family" of staff, faculty, students, audience members, and supporters who, with their dedication to our mission, have embraced us for 100 years.

We look FORWARD to the FUTURE.


Watch this video on YouTube at https://youtu.be/t8sA9cu07Pw.