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2024-25 Orchestral Program Audition Information

Please fill out our online Orchestra Audition Application Form
for NEW and RETURNING orchestra members. 
You will be contacted shortly with additional information.


No signatures or fees are required at this time.


To apply online, click here to use our online audition application form - for new AND returning members.

Audition excerpts are available by using this link.

Click here for the 2024-25 Orchestra Audition Brochure in PDF format.


See below for FAQ about the audition process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Audition Committee looking for?
The Audition Committee considers:
• Good tone production
• Technical expertise at the appropriate level
• Musicality and expressiveness
• Rhythmic accuracy
• Solid intonation
• Sight reading skills

Q: How should I select the slow and fast excerpts?
Consult with your private teacher who can advise you as to which excerpts best showcase your technique and musicality.

Q: What if I’m auditioning for HYSO, but my current solo is at NYSSMA Level 5?
Recommended NYSSMA Levels for all orchestras are general guidelines. Your private teacher can help you determine which orchestra is the best match for you.

Q: I have prepared a solid Level 5 solo, and am working on a Level 6. Which one should I play?
Select the music that you are most confident in playing, is at your level, and best displays your ability. As always, your private teacher is an excellent resource for helping you to choose the most appropriate piece.

Q: I would like to be considered for more than one ensemble (HYSO and Philharmonia or Philharmonia and Sinfonia). Should I prepare both sets of excerpts?
A: Prepare only the excerpts for the highest level ensemble. On your application, you must indicate that you would like to be considered for more than one ensemble.

Q: What if I’m not placed in the orchestra I auditioned for?
Competition varies greatly from year to year, and there are a limited number of positions available in any given orchestra. If you are not placed in the desired orchestra, we encourage you to keep working hard and audition again next year. Once a student has been accepted into an orchestra, it is not necessary to re-audition for that orchestra. An additional audition is required only if applying to a different ensemble.


Q: My child has been accepted into the Hochstein Orchestral Program—now what?
A: Your child will receive a letter of acceptance along with pertinent information. You will be asked to respond by a specified date and to submit a $10 registration dee in order to reserve your child’s seat in the orchestra.

Q: When are tuition payments due?
A: Tuition can be paid in quarterly installments or fewer, depending upon you. Arrangements can also be made through the Business Office to automatically charge your credit card.