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Sign Up for Summer

For Current or New Students:

Fill out our online Individual Lesson Registration Request form.  

For more information, call 585.454.4596.

Fees for Summer 2024

Fees for Individual Lessons (traditional instruction):

$20 per person registration fee ($40 max per family)

$33*, 30-minute lesson

$47*, 45-minute lesson

$59*, 1-hour lesson


Fees for Suzuki, Early Start Guitar (includes group class), and Expressive Arts:

$20 per person registration fee ($40 max per family)

$37*, 30-minute lesson

$51*, 45-minute lesson

$63*, 1-hour lesson


Fees are as of Summer 2024.


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Individual Instruction - Summer

WHETHER YOU’RE A CHILD OR AN ADULT, individual instruction is the most effective way to make significant progress in musical skills. Lessons are available in voice and all orchestral instruments – as well as piano, harp, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, percussion, bagpipes, and Suzuki violin, viola, cello, and flute – and can be scheduled on weekdays and evenings. All our individual lessons are customized to each student to ensure personal success! (See below on how to register.)

Because a certain degree of physical development is essential to playing an instrument, or singing, Hochstein subscribes to the following minimum age requirements:

  • Bagpipes – age 8 (new)
  • Composition (including Songwriting) – age 12
  • Guitar – age 5
  • Traditional Harp – age 9 (some prior piano study preferred)
  • Suzuki Harp – age 5
  • Percussion (including Drum Set) – age 9
  • Piano ** – age 5  
  • Suzuki Strings – age 3
  • Traditional Strings – age 6 (new)
  • Voice – age 12 
  • Wind Instruments – age 9 

*Acoustic piano (or a digital piano with 88 full-size, weighted keys) in the home is required for piano lessons.


How to Register:
Individual instruction is arranged by filling out our online Individual Lesson Registration Request form.  

The form is meant as an initial contact with our school when asking about individual lessons for yourself or your child. This form can be used by both current students at Hochstein as well as students enrolling for the first time. 

Following the receipt of the form, email correspondence or a phone consultation with a member of our Dean staff will ensure that each student is matched with an appropriate teacher who tailors instruction to best fit their needs and goals.

All new students pay a non-refundable $20 summer registration fee (maximum 2 fees per family). The $20 summer registration fee is waived for students already enrolled in individual lessons and classes during the 2023-2024 school year.

About Online Lessons

Many of our individual lesson teachers offer the possibility of online lessons. In order to get started, you will need the following:

  • A tablet, laptop, desktop, smartphone, or other electronic device with a camera and a microphone
  • Reliable internet connection in your home; WiFi or an ethernet connection are recommended as they are faster than cellphone service
  • Your instrument of choice – voice included!

Once you are registered, your instructor will work with you to determine the best online platform.