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Group Instruction - David Tamarin

Instrument/Department: Flamenco Guitar

Joined Hochstein Faculty in: 2019


David Tamarin has been exploring the world of flamenco for more than 40 years, dedicating himself to mastering the guitar styles and forms of flamenco puro – the pure traditional flamenco of Andalucia. Over many decades, with extensive residences in Spain, Tamarin has molded his interpretation of flamenco guitar on the playing of the “old masters” such as Sabicas, Ramon Montoya, Niño Ricardo, Diego del Gastor and Perico el de Lunar as well as more “contemporary traditionalists” such as Juan and Pepe Habichuela, Pedro Bacan, Moraito Chico and Pedro Peña.

Tamarin has performed solo as well as accompanying flamenco dance in both the United States and Spain. In addition to the 15 traditional palos flamencos (flamenco song forms) that he plays, Tamarin also incorporates classical and Latin American guitar music into his repertoire. (He also occasionally plays bluegrass, blues, and ‘old timey’ guitar as well.) 

A retired professor of Latin American and Spanish history at SUNY-Geneseo, Tamarin is dedicating much of his “liberated time” to playing and teaching flamenco guitar.