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Intermediate Modern Dance - NEW!

Adriene B. Hodge, Instructor

Wednesday, 6:00-7:00 pm

ages 13+


Note: This class has been placed on standby pending further enrollment. To inquire about this class and for other class options, please call our offices at 585.454.4596.


Intermediate modern dance class is the next step in our sequential modern classes. We expand on the knowledge learned in our beginning modern class, with a deeper exploration into the integration of a supple spine, expressive torso, and dynamic pelvis to enhance your overall body fluidity.

The class warm-up combines floorwork and center exercises focusing on refining your technique, honing your musicality, and developing greater control in spinal articulation. Building on these foundational skills, the class will progress to center and floor sequences, where you'll have the chance to explore improvisation techniques and delve into intermediate-level choreography exercises.

Our movement vocabulary draws inspiration from various modern dance styles, such as Fagan, Horton, and Graham techniques, offering you a diverse and enriching experience. Through an emphasis on skillful execution and attention to detail, you'll not only strengthen your body but also enhance your flexibility and coordination.



Dance attire for this class: 

  • Footless or convertible tights or pants or shorts

  • Solid colored leotard or solid colored t-shirt

  • Barefoot OR dance shoes

  • NO street shoes on the marley floor

  • Hair pulled back

  • No excessive jewelry


Fee: $20 registration fee; $171 per quarter (9-week session). For students enrolled in individual lessons at Hochstein, the reduced tuition is $135 per quarter.

Full year tuition is $684 payable in quarterly installments of $171 per 9-week session or the reduced fee of $540 payable in quarterly installments of $135. (Fees are as of Fall 2023.)


Start anytime! Tuition will be prorated accordingly if enrolling after the start date.


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Adriene B. Hodge, instructor

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