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"Hochstein is upholding a vibrant and invaluable arts community in Rochester. The environment at Hochstein buzzes with creativity and passion and we just love it! Not only our family, but other Hochstein families we know are very happy making music, dancing, singing, etc. Thank you for everything you do!!"

Short Courses in Ethnic, Folk, & Americana Styles

Are you looking for a fun, accessible way to start learning music, or maybe interested in developing an existing skill? Group instruction in one of Hochstein's short courses might be the right fit for you. Ranging in length from six to nine weeks, the short courses give you a chance to try out a new instrument and develop your skills in a welcoming environment. Topics include ukulele and bagpipes!


Use these links below or click on the menu items on the left to see all our Ethnic, Folk, & Americana Styles!

Intro to Highland Bagpipes

Hochstein Ukulele Experience (beginners)

Hochstein Ukes: Hochstein Ukes Invade Britain!