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Individual Assessments

Our Expressive Arts Department offers a One-Time Visit & Assessment for any interested individual or family. This is a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with an Expressive Arts faculty member and find out more about customized benefits of art, music, and dance for self-expression, wellness, and for therapeutic purposes.

There is a $35 fee for this assessment session; for more information, please contact Expressive Arts Department Chair Jennifer R. Phillips, MT-BC, at 585.454.4596 x235 or email jennifer.phillips@hochstein.org.


Let Us Design an Offering for You!

Feel free to ask us about how our customized Music, Art, and Dance sessions can help someone you love.

  • Those living with Alzheimer’s may improve their ability to connect with others by engaging in the creative process. Music eases memory-impairment by recovering forgotten memories. Our skilled music and art therapists can provide interventions to reduce agitation and anxiety.
  • Those living with Autism are often musical and very creative beings. Expressive Arts can improve verbal communication, executive functioning, and self-regulatory skills.
  • Those in Hospice can receive music therapy and art therapy services. Dance and movement to music and the memories it elicits can ease the pain and create a sweet space where families come together to celebrate in the midst of tears and sadness. Interventions are entirely crafted for each individual and customized for each family in a unique way.


For more information, please contact Expressive Arts Department Chair Jennifer R. Phillips at 585.454.4596 x235 or email jennifer.phillips@hochstein.org.

Click here to meet the Expressive Arts Department staff.