Summer 2017 at Hochstein


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2016-2017 Season Catalog

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Come to Hochstein to grow and create and be inspired! Whether age 20 or 90, beginner or advanced, dabbler or experienced professional, you can find a place at Hochstein! Hochstein offers adults the chance to work collaboratively with other adults, and also the opportunity to work intergenerationally with students of all ages – the choice is yours! 


Individual lessons are available to adult beginners, those returning to an instrument that they took as a child, and those who have continued to play through adulthood. We have faculty members with many years of experience and interest in working with adult students.  

NEW for Adults: Short-Term Lessons!

Not sure about whether or not you want to commit long-term to an individual lesson? Then take a 6-week starter block of lessons! These trial lessons are available with select Hochstein faculty members and are scheduled through an advisement/orientation session with a Dean staff member.


Fees* for 6-week Short-Term Sessions of Individual lessons:

$192, 30-minute lesson

$258, 45-minute lesson

$318, 1-hour lesson


*Learn more about our Tuition Assistance by clicking here.


See the grid below for all the adult offerings at Hochstein ...

Adult Offerings - At a Glance
Individual Instruction: See Music section for available lessons and age ranges.
Specialty Lessons:  
Jazz Lessons varies by instrument
Songwriting beginner to advanced
Drum Set beginner to advanced
Group Instruction:  
Guitar 101 beginner & up
Piano 101 beginner
Hochstein Ukulele Experience beginner
Hochstein Ukes Go Stylin' intermediate to advanced
How to Sing a Standard Tune A love of singing!
Musical Mad Science
Basic Music Theory beginner
AP Music Theory pre-req: note reading
Music History Survey pre-req: Basic Music Theory
Beginning/Intermediate Ballet beginner & up
Intermediate Ballet intermediate & up
Move It! beginner & up
Modern beginner & up
Intermediate Rhythm Tap Dance intermediate
Spanish/Flamenco I & II, III & IV beginner & up
Bend at the Barre beginner & up
Parents Take While You Wait:  
GarageBand 101
Help Your Kids Practice
The Basics of Recording Music
Music Theory for Parents/Adults
Accessible to ALL levels and interests
Adult Ensembles:  
HochStrings Adult Chamber Orchestra intermediate to advanced
Finger Lakes Concert Band advanced
Chamber Music Connection Ensembles intermediate to advanced
Clarinet Choir intermediate to advanced
Adult Advanced Guitar Ensemble intermediate to advanced
Jazz Combos advanced
Rock Bands
Digging into Dixieland intermediate to advanced
Expressive Arts:  
Community Class Offerings for Adults