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About Music Theory at Hochstein

A knowledge of music theory is an essential tool for musicians and gives both performers and listeners valuable insights into a composer's creative thoughts and technical methods. Students may take advantage of a curriculum–sharing partnership between Hochstein and Eastman Community Music School. The classes listed below are offered at Hochstein, and additional offerings are available at Eastman CMS. 


A special feature of Hochstein’s curriculum: theory classes meet in the School’s state-of-the-art Music Lab, where students get the opportunity to develop facility with special music programs Sibelius, Auralia, and Musition. Regardless of where a student has enrolled, make-up classes in Music Theory may be taken at either Hochstein or Eastman CMS.


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Music History Survey

Rob Goodling, Instructor 

Age 14 and older 

Tuesdays, 6:00-7:00 pm 


Examine the history and development of music and listen to masterworks of representative composers from the 16th-century Renaissance, Baroque and Classical eras, 19th-century Romanticism, Impressionism and Post-Romanticism, 20th-century English Folk-Song Renaissance, Expressionism, Neo-Classicism, Modernism, and Post-Modernism developments through and including Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Rock ‘n' Roll, and Rap. A textbook/companion CD rental fee of $25 is in addition to the tuition fees. 


Note: Classes occasionally meet for double sessions to review for exams; individual-lesson students should avoid scheduling their lessons immediately adjacent to Music History class time.


FEES: $20 registration fee. $576* yearly tuition payable in quarterly installments of $144 each. For students enrolled in individual lessons at Hochstein, $432 yearly tuition payable in quarterly installments of $108. (Fees are as of Fall 2017.)


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