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Exciting New Musical Theatre Collaborative

Good news for students and patrons of the Rochester arts community. Three of Rochester's leading performing arts schools have formed a partnership in order to offer students ages 14 and up an opportunity to gain professional training in musical theatre. The Draper Center for Dance, RAPA, and Hochstein School of Music & Dance will be offering opportunities to interested participants in the Greater Rochester Area. The Draper Center / RAPA / Hochstein Musical Theatre Training Program will offer a broad selection of programs and classes in dance, acting, and voice.


As most Rochesterians know, the Draper Center is the official training school for the Rochester City Ballet. Draper Center students are offered a wide variety of programs in dance education, including classes in classical ballet, pointe, variations, modern dance and jazz. Providing the highest level of classical ballet and dance training, Draper Center adheres closely to a curriculum that teaches character while stressing standards of excellence that can be applied to all areas of a student’s life.


The Rochester Association of Performing Arts (RAPA) is Upstate New York’s oldest and largest professional school of performing arts. Since 1978, RAPA has provided theatre, voice, music and dance training to people of all ages and backgrounds who are interested in the arts. In its partnership with Draper Center and Hochstein, RAPA will provide the professional acting and theatre arts training, offering a staff of caring, talented professionals who work closely with students, parents and the community.


An integral member of the Rochester arts community since 1920, the Hochstein School of Music & Dance provides excellent music and dance instruction to anyone who is interested – regardless of age, level of skill, background, or ability to pay.   Hochstein will provide the vocal component, as well as additional electives in musicianship, music theory, and class piano. 


All students who participate in the Draper Center / RAPA / Hochstein Musical Theatre Training Program will work alongside a Program Counselor who will help them select courses in each of the three schools that will best train them to be prepared for auditions, college programs, and professional work. All three schools will work together to develop a schedule that best fits each student’s goals and abilities.


For further information, contact Eric Vaughn Johnson, RAPA Program Director, at (585) 325-3366 or at raparocs@gmail.com. For more information about each of the partners in this new initiative visit:

www.RapaTheatre.orgwww.Hochstein.org, or www.DraperCenter.com