President's Welcome

Welcome Hochstein Alumni!

Since 1920, Hochstein has served tens of thousands of students, nurturing and inspiring individuals and fostering a community of musicians, dancers, and audiences. We look forward to staying connected with you! 

No matter what your Hochstein experience, if you have ever enrolled in a Hochstein program, whether in lessons, classes, or ensembles, whether for years or for a summer, we invite you to consider yourself an alumna/us of the school. We would love to hear your Hochstein stories and see what you are up to now! We invite you to submit your testimonials and accomplishments to us and are proud to showcase the latter on our Alumni Notable News page. Also, check out our Alumni Portraits blog posts to read how alumni reflect on their Hochstein experience, as well as their current and upcoming plans.

We are continuing to develop alumni programming and look forward to hosting the annual Hochstein Homecoming on January 3, 2015 to welcome you back to Hochstein, reunite with your peers, and to provide the opportunity to perform on our stage again. Please help us in reuniting the Hochstein community by updating your contact information. Thank you for being part of the Hochstein community, and we look forward to welcoming you back!

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Dr. Margaret (Peggy) Quackenbush
President & Executive Director