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Come Together for Hochstein!

On April 5, 1919, musicians of Rochester performed at the Convention Hall where the community rallied to create the David Hochstein Memorial Music School - a new place where everyone would have access to an excellent arts education.

What our Hochstein community has built over the past 100 years is a place of beauty, a place of grace. Preserving music and dance is something we all cherish. It represents an idealism of what our community can be and can do together.

While we cannot gather in one place at this moment in time, music and dance connects us all. On April 5, we will commemorate that first concert and showcase what we continue to build as a community today--a place where anyone has the opportunity to achieve their wildest dreams.

Join us on Sunday, April 5, 2020 at 2:00 pm as we release the special Hochstein Centennial video we have been working on for months. We will also feature two special performances; one by our current students and one by our alumni.  

We are gathering our Hochstein Community together in a different way—and you do not have to be in Rochester to do it. Join us on the Hochstein Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/HochsteinSchool/) to watch the video together in real time when it's launched, or check back here to watch the video. You will also find it on YouTube and LinkedIn, and in your email. 

Help us celebrate our 100th year and the future milestones we will achieve together!