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Summer lesson appointments begin on April 1, 2020.

The Complete Violinist – NEW and ONLINE!

Pia Liptak, Instructor
4 Tuesdays, July 7-28, 2020
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
ages 10+, students should be able to play beyond first position


NOTE: This class is being offered virtually. Online instruction with Hochstein is easy! To find out more about the technical requirements, click here.


Join Pia Liptak, Hochstein’s Co-Chair of Strings, in this important series of discussions on topics relevant to performance and practice of the violin. 

The weekly sessions will be held via Zoom. A Zoom-compatible device is required for participation, as well as a device such as a smartphone, laptop, or tablet that has a basic video recording capability and a microphone.

Week I: How We Read
Connecting image (notation) to sound (hearing, playing) and relating to physically knowing the fingerboard. The discussion will include ways to practice major/minor scales, arpeggios, and scales other than major/minor. 

Week II: Harmonics
How the acoustics of the string work, how to find the harmonics on the violin, and how to play them. The session will cover suggestions for how to develop a spatial sense on the fingerboard and how to read standard notations of harmonics. 

Week III: Shifting
The session will examine different types of shifting between positions, how to figure out how to do any shift, which type to choose (for example, considering style), and how to practice the shifts. 

Week IV: What does music mean to you?
This last workshop will be a forum to talk about the importance music can have in our lives. The discussion will also be guided to consider the learning processes in music, skills needed to express music freely, and how these skills can be used in other situations than music.


FEE: $10 registration fee; $102 tuition*; $78 if enrolled in individual lessons at Hochstein. (Fees are as of Summer 2020.)


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